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How to Support Our Schools:

Pray for the students, faculty, and families

Serve with your time and talents

Financial support is very much welcomed

  First and foremost, we wish to thank the many supporters of NHCS.
It is our commitment to provide a Christian education to our students. The gap between the truth of Jesus Christ taught at churches and schools like New Horizon, and the message students hear in society has never been greater. We are committed to giving our students a Christ-centered education, but we cannot do that without your help.
  We ask you to consider partnering with us by giving a special gift to the school. It will give you an opportunity to become involved in this life-changing ministry to our children.
  Whether it's helping pay for a needy Student's tuition.  Helping a family who has fallen on hard times continue to send their children.  Funding a need, both large and small; technology upgrades, new classroom or playground equipment, snacks for a classroom.
  Tuition does not cover the entire cost of educating a child at New Horizon Christian School the tuition charged per student covers about 90%  That leaves about 10% that must be funded through donations from people like you who believe in a Christian education and want to support it with the blessings God has given you.
      $450 covers the remaining cost of one student
      $225 covers half of the remaining costs of one student
      Any donation amount is appreciated

 Partners and Sponsors

Founding Congregation Greenview Christian Church


Supporting Churches


Patoka Christian Church - Calumet Street Christian Church

Boyd Christian Church  -  Fouts Christian Church

Mt. Moriah Christian Church - Youngs Chapel

City Hope



Business and Community Partners


Country Bobs

Peoples National Bank

Dimond Brothers Insurance

DePew & Owen

Executive Business Solutions

Anonymous Donors




Additional ways to support NHCS


Use AMAZON SMILE when you purchase on Amazon a portion of sales will go to our school...just link to and choose to support

 New Horizon Christian School.


COKE REWARDS enter coke products codes at ... choose to give, find new Horizon Christian School in the list of schools.



Support our Familly Fall Festival in September and our

Dinner Auction in April.


Join the Alumni & Friends Giving Campaign, contact:

Rodney Bates 

Jason Ashford  or

 Hilari Queen




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