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Greenview Christian Church

Fall Festival

Don't miss this opportunity to support GCC Preschool Program

Sunday, November 5


GCC Fall Festival-Preschool Fundraiser 2023.jpg

Greenview Christian Church Preschool


Welcome to Greenview Christian Preschool. Thank you for your interest in our program. We are privileged to provide not only a solid foundation for future education but most importantly a spiritual foundation. Christ is the center of everything we do and teach.  Every Child should know their creator and savior, and we are privileged to teach that without any hesitation.  Our day is full of hands-on activities and guided instruction to ensure that children develop the skills needed to become successful.  Our goal is to make sure that children know they are important, loved and cared for.  We always teach with children's interests and learning styles in mind.  We provide a fun-filled environment for children to learn and grow.


I have been teaching and facilitating this ministry for fourteen years, and I feel truly blessed to do a job that I am passionate about.  Our program consists of three Board members, myself, and an assistant.  We offer a Tuesday and Thursday class for children who turn three before September first and a Monday, Wednesday, Friday class for children who turn four before September first.  Please contact NHCS at 618-533-6910 for more information or to register.  You can also visit our website by clicking the link "find out more" above.


We are prayerful and excited for the new school year and hope to see your child coming through our doors.


Thank you,

Mrs. Peggy Wall



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