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First Day of School: Thursday, Aug 15, 2024

See Saw
Popsicles & Playground Time.jpg
Colorful Popsicles

NHCS Ice Cream Social/Open House
August 14, 2024

NHCS Crusader Sunday @ GCC - April 28, 2024

St Louis Cardinals image.png

NHCS Day at the Ball Park - August 6 @ 6:45pm
Students will be singing the National Anthem
More details to come!

NHCS Family Reading Night
March 19

NHCS Choir

December 2024 Crusader of the month
2nd quarter honors 2024
2nd quarter high honors 2024
Crusader of the Month February 2024
3rd quarter 2024 High Honor Roll
3rd quarter 2024 Honor Roll
March Crusader of the month 2024
Crusader of the Month April 2024
Class of 2024
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